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Five Tips to Stay Happy and Engaged in Your Job

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At some point in their careers, many employees find even the greatest job a bit lackluster. As we get more competent in our roles, we run the risk of redundancy and complacency. Here are five things you can do to avoid burn out and stay happy and engaged in your job.

1. Do a quarterly audit of your role.

Assess your job – what do you love and what drives you crazy? As you review the list, find ways to accentuate the valuable tasks and downplay or even eliminate the painful parts. You will be amazed at how easy it is to improve your outlook at work by being aware of the things that motivate you or make you unhappy.

2. Talk to your boss.

It’s nearly impossible to over communicate with your boss. It is always good to check in and make sure the work you are doing is also a priority for your manager. Even if you aren’t hearing anything negative, don’t assume things are going well. Sometimes silence is a precursor to something not being right and it may negatively affect your ability to stay happy in your job. Open dialogue ensures you are hitting the right spots and shows management you’re comfortable with your work and confident communicating with them. Knowing your managers are happy can make you feel happier in your role.

3. Take on something new.

Take a look around and see if there is something more for you to do. Is there a project you can manage that would be interesting, and more importantly, valuable to the organization? Is there something you can offer to take off someone else’s lengthy to-do list? It will show initiative and an attitude of being proactive. Stuff will be getting done, you will get the credit for it and you will have a renewed sense of excitement about your job.

4. Get some training.

Not only is it important to your happiness – it’s important to your career to continue learning. Find something that will enhance your value to your company, then investigate conferences and workshops where you can learn about it. If there is an opportunity in the office for continued education, ask if you can join. The investment of your time in learning something new can only make you happier in your role, while improving your personal brand and enhancing your contributions.

5. Take a newbie under your wing.

Nothing is more satisfying than helping a co-worker become better at their job. Oftentimes, supervisors have too many direct reports and not enough time to adequately support all of them. Find someone you like and offer guidance and an open ear. Alternatively, ask your company if they have a formal mentoring program and get involved. Mentoring is great for both the person giving and the person receiving.

Even if you’ve been with your company for the long haul, there is no reason you can’t invest time into making your job more engaging. The effort will make you feel more positive about work and your company. It will show your managers you are still learning and growing, and will continue to be an asset to your team.


Photo Credit: Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

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