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The 4 RPO Models and Which is Right for You

4 Types of RPO



Have you noticed how the job market is becoming tougher to navigate? As of 2019, nearly three-quarters of employers (73%) experience difficulty in finding appropriately skilled candidates.



Currently, 75% of the global workforce are passive candidates, which means that they aren’t actively seeking work. On top of this, there’s a tremendous amount of complexity regarding changing technology, increasing regulations, and data privacy.



Today's Professionals


How does a modern HR department juggle everything? In all honesty, it makes more sense not to. Let us explain: there are strategic ways to delegate your workforce needs through techniques such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). This is when you outsource all or part of your recruitment functions to a 3rd party staffing agency like The Planet Group.







With RPO, you can outsource factors such as candidate sourcing, candidate screening, offer execution, interview logistics, compliance, and more. One of the most significant benefits of RPO is its customizability. From outsourcing a specific set of services to managing your entire recruitment process, you can choose the exact level of support you need.



RPO is a flexible and highly effective solution for the full spectrum of hiring needs. Keep in mind that any good RPO provider should have a highly enhanced network and recruitment process that will increase the quality of your hires. This increases your talent pipeline while simultaneously relieving HR and preventing them from overstraining their resources. At The Planet Group, we’ve cultivated a massive, global talent pipeline in our 20 years of business that we leverage for our clients.









When you work with a reliable RPO provider, they can act as an extension of your organization’s team while expanding your capabilities. Let’s look at four common types of RPO models available and the different ways they can help businesses like yours.







Many businesses have volatile hiring needs that go up and down depending on the quarter. Within a year, you might gain several contracts, need to onboard large amounts of staff, and then decrease staff accordingly.



On-demand RPO helps you tackle spikes in hiring and manage rapid change. You have instant access to the resources of a worldwide recruiter who knows your company, your messaging, and your processes. This means ongoing, continuous synergy that is simultaneously more cost-effective than a 3rd party agency.



Having an on-demand recruiter means that you get the resources you need precisely when you need them. Additionally, there is an option to have a representative from your RPO provider working onsite. This way, you can trust that your representative is fully integrated with your team, is able to engage with internal stakeholders, and can be the conduit between the hiring managers, full-time HR employees, and suppliers. With The Planet Group, you can enjoy the power of in-house recruiters mixed with a global recruitment operation.







At the Planet Group, we offer ‘hybrid’ RPO and MSP solutions. It’s a total workforce solution that is the perfect blend of permanent and contingent labor hiring/management. Your company can maintain full flexibility over what is insourced and outsourced.



Our staffing experts deploy highly targeted resources to meet your specific talent needs while your internal recruiters can focus on their core roles. On top of this, you’ll never have to worry about compliance standards again. We offer full compliance management for your contingent workforce. In today’s complex business world, it’s nice to catch a break from never-ending compliance regulations.



Sit back, relax, and enjoy while we lead the way. We’ll handle the responsibilities of sourcing, engaging, and administering your temporary, contract, and other permanent/non-permanent workers.








Project-based RPO is a great model to use if your company wants to continue in-house recruitment processes for daily hiring and wants to bring in outside recruitment muscle for specific projects.



This is a perfect recruitment solution to support business initiatives such as product launches, contracts, specific jobs, and more. Project-based RPO is ideal for short term hiring needs with defined goals within a specific scope and timeline. It can also be used to test-drive RPO and determine if outsourcing is a good fit with current corporate practices.



There are some incredible benefits of utilizing project-based RPO services: you gain a team onboard with extensive knowledge of highly specialized projects. They can guide your success with management, compliance, and the short time-to-hire needed to get the project off the ground at top speed.






Full Service RPO



Full-service RPO is your secret weapon. It’s the end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of your company’s recruiting process (sourcing, screening, management process, employer branding, marketing, etc.).



With this full-service route, there are substantial savings, efficiencies, and compliance benefits to be had. Your RPO provider will deliver a host of resources to produce quality workforce solutions rapidly.



As an example, The Planet Group works with clients to create a strategic partnership for talent acquisition that is both scalable and precisely based on the needs of our client. We understand your business objectives and deploy our expertise to lead your recruitment process forward.



operational excellence with RPO


It’s a fantastic asset to have access to a wide range of global recruitment resources at your demand. We increase the quality of hires for our clients due to our worldwide reach and network. We’ve been in the business long enough to deploy a fantastic process that perfectly meets quality control and compliance standards.







There is a myriad of RPO options available beyond these 4 common models. Some will be better suited to you than others, which is why we recommend talking with one of our RPO experts who can help you make an informed decision.



At The Planet Group, we always offer a no-obligation capabilities call to discuss which RPO model is right for you. Even if you don’t end up working with us, we want to make sure that you make an informed decision and choose an RPO provider who is honest and provides a service that’s exactly tailored to your needs.



Reach out to us today and see how RPO tactics can save significant time and money while increasing your company’s overall recruiting effectiveness.

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