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What’s Hot in Pharma, Admin, and Tech

We recently sat down with some of the leaders of The Planet Group to discuss the state of their respective industries, including pharma, administrative, and IT. With expert knowledge and decades of staffing experience, our team offers high-level insight into in demand skills and job roles clients are looking to fill through 2021 and into the future.  

Pharma Trends 

I’ve worked in pharmaceutical recruitment for 11 years, and it’s always been busy. There’s always been too many jobs and not enough candidates. I would say in the past 12 months, we have seen an absolute explosion in terms of need for staff, clinical, clinical research associates, clinical project managers, and study startup associates. Anything clinical related has just absolutely boomed and exploded.

We’ve seen an increased demand for in-home nurses too. Basically an individual that goes to a patient’s residence and conducts ambulatory nursing activities. That again has been huge. Companies that never operated or provided that service and are now looking to do so. I think digital is again becoming more in demand, so companies providing E-clinical services or home health care services. We’ve seen huge explosions in terms of requests for staff there. –  Spencer Cricks, Senior Director of Recruitment 

Admin Trends 

We’ve seen a lot of growth across all roles and sectors, but the most notable increase is in an area we call General Administrative. The need for Customer Service Call Center personnel has absolutely boomed. Obviously the pandemic propelled a massive push online, and companies had to adapt, but with this transition came more issues, questions and a growing need for digital customer support.

Many clients refer to this sector differently: customer service, call center, customer experience, customer success, etc. Regardless of the terminology you want to use, the fact stands that demand for these types of positions have increased dramatically. I thought it was going to be a fairly big deal, but It’s bigger than even what I imagined. Every company, every industry, no matter what they do, they need talent. We have an auto parts seller that needs 15 new customer support staff members because people are trying to fix their own cars. There is no area of the market that doesn’t need more help online to address issues, execute shipping, and manage customer follow ups.– Stu Coleman, Executive Vice President

Technology Trends 

We’ve seen an increased demand for many of our skillsets across all of our lines of business, core technology, enterprise and creative and digital, which has been great. The job flow is definitely up over the last six months. I think when you really drill down, we’re seeing a heavy demand, particularly in our software development space, software engineering, Java developers, full stack developers, both on a full time and on a contract basis. So that skill set has been highly sought after, which I’m not surprised by because a lot of those workers are working remotely. They’re typically hard to find candidates, depending on how much engineering the candidate has. And so clients have really opened up the talent pool to a nationwide search, looking for the best developers out there. – Chris Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Recruiting  

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