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Globally-Scaled Solutions Delivered with an emphasis on relationships.

Our family of brands doesn’t merely set industry standards, they deliver service that is unparalleled. We serve a range of industries from life sciences to the global energy industry. With every industry we serve, we deliver results spearheaded by our staff who are specialists in their respective fields.

We are experts at employing effective recruiting techniques. We’ve got this industry down to a T because we go above and beyond to deliver on client needs. The Planet Group upholds a certain standard: we deliver high-quality results at a remarkable turnaround. We do this with a personalized service ethos which is truly client-centric. For us it’s about helping people, not filling numbers.


Treximo is The Planet Group’s globally-focused consulting and solutions provider. Treximo upholds a strict standard to high quality, results-based consulting and project management services to the life sciences industry. There are 4 core service areas including Quality, Regulatory, Clinical, and Nonclinical.

Within the life sciences industry, there is a wide range of challenges that our clients face. Treximo utilizes a massive amount of combined experience to diligently answer questions, provide actionable strategies, and operationalize future opportunities.

Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." We can assure you that by working with us, you are doing business with the industry’s finest who turn expertise into actionable strategy. We can get you further.


Meet PFES: The Planet Group’s leading provider of consulting and functional outsourcing solutions. They deliver engineering, procurement, construction management, and project management services to organizations in the utility, energy, infrastructure, and industrial markets.

PFES has access to excellent synergies as a part of The Planet Group. As an example, PFES works with their sister company, Planet Forward, for a dash of extra global staffing and recruitment expertise. PFES leadership is comprised of industry experts who are former C-level executives who have joined us from utilities, EPC contractors, and consulting firms.

When working with a consulting group, it would be wise to gain advice from people who understand the industry, inside-out. Work with people who have delivered results and have a track record of success. Coincidentally, that sounds just like PFES.

Take Your Business Further.

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