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Managed Services Programs

What are Our Managed

Services Programs?

Our Managed Services Programs (MSP) offering focuses on non-permanent employee hiring. This usually refers to contractors, consultants, temporary workers, and so on.

We see it all the time at The Planet Group. Our clients are often overwhelmed with the vast procedure of non-permanent employee hiring. Our MSP service provides clients a chance to breathe and focus on what’s within their bandwidth. Delegate the endless functions involved with contingent worker hiring and management to a provider that knows what they’re doing.

Benefits of The Planet Group's MSP Solutions



Leave the legwork to the experts and focus on your core business process.



It’s not just about numbers. We supply companies with top talent, ensuring a mutual fit for everyone involved.


Strong track record

Work with a provider that has the experience and track record to back up their claims.


Lower your cost

Outsourcing your contingent workforce saves time and a considerable amount of capital.


Relationship focused

Utilize your relationship with an MSP provider that understands your business needs and can deliver results again and again.

Superior reach. Utmost agility. Organizational prowess.

If you’re going to work with an MSP service provider, ensure the following: work with a company that will lower your cost, tailor their services to your needs, and will deliver a measurable ROI. Fortuitously, we excel at each of those offerings.

MSP Solutions that truly do provide measurable ROI.

Our MSP solution focuses on managing the hiring process for our clients. We utilize our extensive supply network and a robust adherence to compliance standards. Our acquisition and management processes are transparent and allow us to be fully accountable for end results.


High-level scalability

The Planet Group family is designed to provide high-volume talent acquisition in a financially prudent manner. We can onboard large staff volume in an efficient and cost-effective process. Our solutions are scalable and customized according to your company’s needs.

Cost Effective

When you delegate the lengthy functions involved with the contingent worker hiring and management process, you save considerable capital. Outsource to a company that handles such matters professionally.

Strong track record

During our time in business, we’ve seen a remarkable trend with RPO / MSP services becoming much more popular. It’s crucial to work with an established brand with a track record to show. Don’t work with companies that lack the experience.

Customized solutions

We design a holistic strategy with our clients. It offers a transparent overview of our process and defines exactly what our clients want from the relationship. We cover the entire process and personalize it based on your needs.

Unique talent

The Planet Group is comprised of elite talent sourced across the global workforce solutions industry. We know the industry and maintain expertise in sourcing the best contingent workforce available.

We will procure you the strongest contingent workforce in the industry.

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