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National Staffing Week 2022

National Staffing Week is September 12th – 18th. To show our appreciation, we’ve gathered some stories from across The Planet Group highlighting the commitment, care, and professionalism that our contractors bring to their work each and every day.

Making An Impact

I have one candidate that has the absolute best attitude — he is so kind, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I placed him in an HRBP position with a huge global company a few months back, and we got an email from the client shortly after saying that he was a “breath of fresh air” and made the lives of his manager and colleagues so much easier from day one. It was great to see the immediate positive impact a contractor made at a massive organization. Erica Heffernan, VP of Recruiting, Planet Professional

We had a contractor that was midway through an implementation with a client and discovered that there were issues in other areas that needed to be addressed as well. Since it was imperative to the implementation the contractor decided it best to go onsite, which he did for 4 weeks straight. They then worked 70 hours a week to get their own job done and correct the other issues related. 6 months later the client went live on a successful implementation, largely in part to the efforts of our contractor. His work made a massive difference. – Ryan Smith, Sr Recruiter, Planet Technology 

Personal Stories

During his interview process, one of my contractors was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and had to undergo treatment once every two weeks. He was definitely not feeling well and was in a lot of pain, but he stayed extremely positive and was focused more on the job than on himself. I told him if he needed to focus on his health first, but he was very persistent about getting better and fighting through it. And fighting he did! He accepted the position and our client was able to accommodate for his treatments. I believe he has undergone over 10 treatments at this point, but he was just so positive about the whole situation, and every time I spoke with him, his positivity and outlook was infectious. He easily could have turned down the position, but he loves being a Project Manager in the refinery industry, so he did everything he could to be able to work. He has been a contractor for the past 6+ months now and is doing much better health wise.  This diagnosis didn’t prevent him from doing the work he loves. He has been an excellent contractor, and I know our client is very happy to have him on their team. – Scott Muttilainen, National Recruiter, Planet Forward

Why We Love Contractors

There are two main reasons that stick out. First off, the relationships I have built with each consultant are some of my favorites. I have gotten to know so many people on a professional and personal level, and have learned things from them each that I can apply throughout my career. Second, the knowledge I have gained as it relates to my particular practice area – Epicor – has been a large contributing factor to my success at Planet. I lean on my contractors for questions and guidance, and they lean on me. It’s a very reward relationship – Farraen Ryanto, Sr Recruiter, Planet Technology\

There are literally thousands of stories like these throughout The Planet Group. Our contractors and consultants always go above and beyond, and they’re absolutely foundational to what we do. We look forward to continuing to grow with you all into the future, and be sure to follow us on social for more updates for National Staffing Week!


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