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The Planet Group Celebrates National Staffing Employee Week

National Staffing Employee Week is September 13th – 19th. To show our appreciation, we’ve compiled a list of stories from across The Planet Group highlighting the commitment, ability, professionalism and care that our contractors bring to their positions each and every day. 

Making An Impact 

A time that a contractor went above and beyond for me was when they were very clear about what they needed. I had a candidate let me know they needed to arrive and leave work at a certain time to get their child on and off the bus. Due to their clear and effective communication, we could share this information with the client in advance and there were no issues or surprises. – Alexandra Affanato, Senior Recruitment Manager, Planet Professional  

I had a contractor working for me on a high intensity project. He was brought on earlier this year when projects were just starting to come back around after the pandemic. He knew the client was on a tight budget and gave a discounted rate even though he knew there was a lot of work in front of him. There was a lot of coordination with teams in different time zones all over the world, but he put in extra hours to keep the project on schedule. Even though there were weeks he was exhausted, he never complained or caused any tension with his team or the client. He just kept on pushing forward until his deliverables were met and the client was satisfied. – Cody EK, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant, Planet Technology 

Personal Stories 

I want to shout out a candidate of mine who truly made an impact on myself and the client! From the first few interviews she knew immediately she wanted to be a part of this company, she was going to wait it out and do whatever it took. She interviewed with several different teams and went through a long process but she hung in there, communicated with me each and every step of the way. This experience truly proved that taking risks pay off and contracts indeed can feel like a true home. When you know you know as they say.. her first day on the job she was texting me pictures of her new branded swag, her desk, the views etc. I could feel her energy and excitement for the role (which is beyond rewarding). – Krista Fisher, Senior Recruiter, Planet Technology  

I have a few instances of contractors that have been incredibly helpful in my growth as a recruiter and professional. One that comes to mind is a contractor who converted to a full-time employee and has sent me numerous referrals since he started there. Most have since transitioned to full time, internal resources as supervisors and they continue to provide me with new referrals. It’s nice to see someone who has been helpful for us, our client, and people in his network. –  Kyle Goldstein, National Recruiter, Planet Forward

Contractors continue to amaze me with their ambition and adaptability. In my second month here at Planet Forward, I submitted a recent graduate to support a major government facility. Within 12 hours of submission, this candidate stepped foot onsite for her first day! She carried herself with utmost composure and poise without any prior professional experience or a clear idea of what to expect at this highly secured site. The client quickly took notice of her abilities and as a result, later extended her contract in a different role. It is always a joy to see hard work rewarded! – Mary Conroy, National Recruiter, Planet Forward  

I had a contractor that at the start of the assignment was diagnosed with a major illness. She still figured out how to manage her medical appointments and even though she was not feeling well, still performed on the job. She also did end up getting converted permanently with our client. It is a great testament to perseverance. Also she had a very positive attitude throughout her situation. – Mark Huff, Technical Recruiter, Planet Technology  

Why We Love Our Contractors 

Contract workers are awesome because of their flexibility and willingness to get things done! Anthony Canestari, Recruiter, Planet Professional  

Our contractors are beyond exceptional in more ways than one. They understand the importance of hitting the ground running with our project based work. They never fail to demonstrate and add value to our clients organizations, both immediately and in the long term. They consistently deliver at a high capacity, ensuring all work is safely completed on schedule and within budget – even if that means putting in extra hours. They continue to be an outstanding representation of Planet Forward, and their willingness to go above and beyond with our clients have proven to be key factors contributing to the success and growth of not only their own careers, but to our organization and clientele as a whole.  We thank them for their professionalism, dedication, positive impressions, and impact they make on a daily basis!National Recruiter, Planet Forward  

There are literally thousands of stories like these throughout The Planet Group. Our contractors and temporary workers always go above and beyond, and they’re absolutely foundational to what we do. We look forward to continuing to grow with you all into the future, and be sure to follow us on social for more updates for National Staffing Employee week! 

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