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Professional Staffing & Consulting

Staffing & Consulting Solutions to Drive Your Business Forward

At The Planet Group, we have a global team of consulting and staffing experts that bring next-level talent acquisition solutions to the table. Our service offerings include on-demand staffing, direct-to-hire, contract-to-hire, payroll support, recruitment process outsourcing, MSP solutions, and more.

We want a mutual fit for everyone involved and don’t recommend doing business with companies that are solely numbers-focused. Our staffing and consulting solutions are focused on creating durable, high-value relationships that strengthen the employer-employee dynamic.

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What are Staffing Solutions?

Most commonly, staffing is the selection and on-boarding of workers for specific job areas. Many companies are constantly challenging themselves to find new talent while managing cost. It’s why recruiters often play a pivotal role, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations and save on costly hiring process.  

Staffing Solutions that Help Keep a Lid on Cost

High-volume talent acquisition can be done in a cost-effective manner. We know this because we do it on a daily basis. Our goal is to effectively onboard personnel in an efficient and financially responsible manner.

How to Measure the ROI of Professional Staffing & Consulting

Work with a firm that maintains a transparent staffing process. Ensure that they utilize technology to measure factors such as hiring process efficiencies, turnover rates, scalability, and innovation. We highly recommend that you enter a contract with clear deliverables and expectations. Any professional staffing company will gladly be held accountable for the results of their work.

Consulting Services that Truly Deliver

Have you heard the joke that goes "a consultant is someone who saves his client almost enough money to pay his fee?” Well, there’s truth in most jokes and this is no exception. We are not fans of consulting services that fail to deliver actionable strategy and insight.

It’s that simple. There are three factors: first, a consulting firm should have a track record in the industry that they serve to prove that they are worth having at the table. Second, they should be held accountable for their value-add. There should be clearly defined parameters in the contract that state deliverables. Third, a consulting firm should be transparent in their pricing. We’re proud of the transparency that our consulting companies uphold in competitive pricing terms.

Benefits of The Planet Group's Staffing & Consulting Solutions

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We source global talent who have high-demand skill sets. We hire them quickly with up to a 48-hour turnaround. We manage the hiring process moving forward according to the precise needs of our clients.

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Hiring procedures are a notable overhead. Managing turnover and the hiring process costs our clients far too much capital. Thus, we drastically reduce overheads via the efficiency of our operation and global scale. By doing so, we transfer our savings directly to our clients.

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Our family brands uphold a high standard of dynamic and thoughtful staffing solutions. We offer a process that is customizable to the specifications of our client. We are adept at everything from staffing for specific contracts, to managing a company’s entire hiring process.

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Our clients love to leverage our global, national, and local recruitment resources such as our pool of over 3 million talented professionals. Our award-winning delivery platform is there for the taking.

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Since our establishment in 2009, we were founded by a team of elite industry professionals who created an organization with a goal to strengthen the employer-employee dynamic. We’re in this for the long term, and our long-lasting industry and client relationships attest to this.

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Actionable Strategy

Our consulting services concentrate attention on our clients' biggest difficulties and opportunities. We back up our work from the beginning to define actionable strategy, pinpoint issues, and identify opportunities moving forward.

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Attention to Detail

We get to know our clients and often maintain long-term relationships which help us deliver results and insights that increase with time. We offer functional expertise and a rounded perspective that examines all facets of an organization and the industry at hand.

Why Choose The Planet Group’s Staffing & Consulting Solutions?

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40 years combined RPO/MSP experience

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Award-winning delivery platform

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cost and compliance focused

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Dedicated subject matter experts

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